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Our Culture

We believe it is of utmost importance to understand and build trust with people. As an agile team with a modest team capacity, we have created ample space for us to learn from our mistakes and grow together. Through an endless understanding of one another, we are constantly enabling ourselves to leverage our own strengths and work on our weaknesses. This motivates us to practice strong coordination within the team, where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

As the UX industry moves towards multi-disciplinary setups, this provides us the opportunity to collaborate extensively with our clients and partners. This is achievable by involving our clients and partners in the co-creation process, and its dependency on the other roles within a project.


Our Teams

Through project collaborations, impactful training workshops and self-reflective coaching programmes, our team gets the opportunity to work with like-minded partners to grow our UX competencies.