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Chien-Wen Lin

User Researcher

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Proust


Chien-Wen’s interest of user experience began from being a student volunteer during the 2013 Taiwan UX summit. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Kaohsiung Medical University, she came back to her hometown, Taipei, to be a research intern in a user research studio for several months. This experience started her learning journey of the UX domain and inspired her to be a user researcher in the future.

Therefore, when Chien-Wen studied at the graduate school of Psychology in National Taiwan University, she fostered both her quantitative and qualitative research competencies by doing and collaborating in projects with her professor and peers.

After Chien-Wen got her master’s degree, she joined UX consulting. Being a user researcher keeps on training her competencies and explore the UX domain. She always looks forward to every project because she can not only discover insights through users but also strengthen herself through challenges.


Chien-Wen has a cute mongrel and hanging out with it brings happiness to her life.

She loves psychology very much and practising better work-life balance is an important goal to her. She understands the importance of mental health, hence joined Psy Map Studio to share in the workshop and to learn positive psychology.