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Eric Tsai

User Experience Designer

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill


Eric majored in the Russian language in National Chengchi University and in his university life developed a strong interest in photography and graphic design. Those hobbies helped him cultivate sharp anesthetic sense and keen observation of the surrounding environment.

He graduated in 2018 and it was then he discovered how evidence-based and user-friendly design matters to people’s everyday life when he attended 2 UI/UX workshops, in which he collaborated with teammates as UI designer to create 2 app prototypes from scratch, based on the data they collected from user researches. He decided to join the UX industry soon after the second workshop.

In late 2018 he became a new member of this company. As a new practitioner of this industry and knowing this is exactly the life-long career he has long dreamed of, he strives to expand his knowledge in UX realm by reading and collaborating with teammates, and he hopes to learn more from future community participation. His ultimate goal is to create a delightful experience for users.


Out of work Eric is a foodie and fast food lover (Mcdonald’s especially) and loves to taste the flavor of fries in different countries.

He also enjoys traveling by himself. Taking street snaps is his way of understanding an unfamiliar city and streets. He especially enjoys learning local culture by chatting with local street vendors and taxi drivers.

Now he is a keen Singlish learner, with 2 Singlish books just bought from his last business trip in Singapore.