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Fan-Shuo Fang

Senior User Interface Designer

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

– Pablo Picasso


Fan-Shuo has an academic background in visual communication design and animation as well as a passion for font design. He has previously worked at ASUS, Compal and Kono.

For the past 7 years of working as a Visual and UI Designer at Kono, a startup dedicated to providing digital reading services, he has helped to build a sustainable product from the early stages. He has also assisted the team in constructing development and communication processes.

He believes that product experience begins before the user comes in contact with the product, and remains even after it. He aims to delight users with his professional practice. He also believes that combining good communication with a comprehensive understanding of the project context is the only way to answer user’s rational and emotional needs.


During his childhood days, Fan-Shuo lived in the mountains with his family, where he discovered his affection for nature. Although he lives in the city now, he knows that deep down in his heart, he will always be with the mountains. Sports and outdoor activities are his favourites, as they allow him to focus on his concentration and bring peace to his soul.

His lifetime reminder for himself is to treat others and himself with full sincerity.