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Maisarah Osman

User Experience Designer

Feeding people with half-truths and bullsh*t to make them feel better (which is almost about making ourselves feel more comfortable) is unkind.

– Brené Brown


Maisarah, or preferably just Sarah, have always loved the idea of creating things for people that would better their lives or/and their ways of living. Always inquisitive, she is intrigued by the human behaviour and would, as much as she can, empathise with others.

After having interned at UX Consulting in 2014, her interests heightened and she returned to school passing that limited knowledge and skills she have learnt during the internship period to her classmates.

4 months after attaining a Diploma in Interactive Media in Singapore Polytechnic in year 2015, Sarah joined the UX Consulting team again but this time, as a full-time User Experience Designer. Relatively new to the industry, she is still (and will always be) learning new things from projects and the team.


Besides work-related matters, Sarah spends her time (and money, gosh!) on gigs & music festivals with her close group of friends where she would ugly dance & ugly sing her life away (truly a sight to see). She also spends her life savings (highly exaggerated) on anything & everything Earl Grey.

She, too, enjoys & loves her alone time with a passion. Staying at home, organising things or doing activities outside by herself is the best way to recharge the Sarah battery.