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Nadia Ja’afar

User Experience Designer

Being content is one level above being grateful. You are grateful but you may not be content and when you are not content, it’s never enough.

– Anonymous


Having had her internship in UX Consulting during her Diploma years, Nadia started to cultivate a deeper interest on the importance of user experience and how it implicates on the design of everyday life.

Thus, after attaining a Diploma in Design for Interactivity (now known as Diploma in Design for User Experience) from Republic Polytechnic, she decided to learn the ropes of understanding human needs and behaviour better by being a practitioner in the UX industry.

3 years in, Nadia have assisted in projects across different industries – Bank, Government, Startups, Telecom, Healthcare and Travel. Her daily work consists of interpreting and translating user behaviours insights from user research into user flows, sketches and digital mockups.


Outside of work, Nadia puts on her apron and bakes during her free time! No secret ingredients involved. Just a recipe that she’d pick randomly (or upon request) and self-learn from the internet. She finds joy in putting a smile on someone’s face and cakes are one of the best ways 😉

Other than that, you can spot her in different eyewears cos she enjoys collecting and wearing them out! 🤓