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    Raven Chai

    Founder, Principal Consultant

    I can accept failures, but I cannot accept not trying.

    – Michael Jordan


    Raven has over 20 years experience as a technologist and user experience practitioner. He has been involved in implementing more than 200 projects across various industries and of different products – eServices, bank applications, large corporate websites, eCommerce, lifestyle, B2B portals, TV and mobile apps. He has been providing advisory to various government statutory boards like SPRING Singapore, EDB and IDA in the areas of User Experience practices.

    Raven held the position of Regional Director for Asia region within User Experience Professional Association International (UXPA) from year 2012 – 2014, to promote professional learning and collaboration among design and research practitioners. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science, major in Human-Computer Interaction and Visualisation from University of Queensland.


    Together with a group of passionate professional designers and student volunteers, he founded a local UX Community, UXSG as a platform for UX professionals, designers, developers and business owners to share knowledge and connect people within the industry. They have since organised three user experience conferences in Singapore since 2013.

    He is a lifelong fan of Liverpool Football Club and Roger Federer. He plays pickleball and soccer regularly, and will continue to do so as long his fitness allows.

    Read his blog at medium.