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    CPIB Corporate website

    Redesigning of website to deliver greater value and enhance the needs of the target audience.

    Redesign the website to deliver greater value and meet the needs of the target audience better.
    Background info

    Formed a consortium team with our technology partner, MavenLab to deliver end-to-end corporate website revamp together. Work closely with CPIB’s team from CIO office and Corporate Communications to define and achieve project objectives as a collective team.

    Project objectives
    • Increase online visitors traffic
    • Improve usability of online forms and workflow
    • Develop a new visual design align to the new corporate brand guidelines

    Alignment with key stakeholders early through project visioning and content structure workshops helps everyone to identify key focus area, and drive discussions on features and functionailities more effectively.

    Key learning points:

    1. Engage stakeholders in early as part of design process.
    2. Use insights derived from usability testing sessions to drive design discussions.
    3. Focus energy in clear communications between stakeholders, designers and software engineers produces higher quality of work, even it takes longer than planned project timeline.

    How things work in this project

    UXC team supports CPIB in driving clearer project requirements through workshops to define functionalities and content structure. Our technology partner will derive technical specifications based on the prototype developed.