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    Expedia Web & Mobile user research

    Regional user research project that gains valuable user insights

    Regional user research project that gains valuable user insights
    Background info

    Work with global research and APAC product teams to conduct a series of user research activities to uncover users’ needs on Expedia web and mobile products in Asia region.

    Project objectives
    • Understand users’ behaviour on how they book flights and accommodation
    • Identify ways to improve the usability of web and mobile products
    • Identify purchase trends and patterns among travellers in Asia with comparison of other regions

    Insights of users’ behaviour across different markets / countries in Asia region that has significant influence towards product roll-out globally.

    Key learning points:

    1. Travel habits and behaviours may not have as much difference as we thought despite huge cultural differences among different countries
    2. Establishing logical product hypotheses is a great way of aligning different stakeholders to derive objective conclusions
    3. It is always about choosing the right user research method based on context that gives you the best insights

    How things work in this project

    Working closely together with very experienced user researcher from the client side creates great synergy that complements and leverages each others’ expertise to drive this multi-faceted projects forward with great momentum.