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    iOCBC cross-platform design

    Redesign and further simplify online securities platform across multi-devices

    Redesign and further simplify online securities platform across multi-devices
    Background info

    Formed a multi-disciplinary team with OCBC Customer Experience team that consists of CX lead, financial domain expert, project manager,  UX consultant, UI designer, visual designer and frontend developer to explore a new, different trading experience through agile UX approach.

    Project objectives
    • Explore possibilities to reshape the product experience
    • Validate product hypotheses and guide the design through evidence gathered through user research and usability testing with customers

    Having senior business stakeholders to observe how customers use the prototypes drives the product decision-making process towards evidence-based design approach.

    Key learning points:

    1. Be adaptive and ready to change approach as product development does not always go according to plans.
    2. Short design sprints with usability testing with small sample size of participants over multiple rounds yield better results in terms of design quality.
    3. Successful agile UX approach requires a small team of decision-making process to keep up with the speed.

    How things work in this project

    Multi-disciplinary team setup with clear decision-making path, and getting business stakeholders involved in design process helps to drive high quality of design.