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    Meet the Taiwan Team

    Chase Lin

    UX Consultant, Programme Manager

    Believes in raising good questions to assist others in thinking and further provoke meaningful changes.

    Eric Tsai

    User Experience Designer

    Believes in creating fluent user experience by evidence-based design.

    Chien-Wen Lin

    User Researcher

    Believes that meaningfulness comes from understanding the need behind the behaviour.

    Community Involvement

    uP!ck is a professional community that focuses on nurturing and serving UI/UX talents.

    uP!ck emphasises on UI/UX design and user research realm with the main mission of company recruitment, UI/UX talent cultivation, and educational training programme planning. They also irregularly host various events, providing UI/UX practitioners a platform with opportunities for building professional connections, having in-depth communications, and exchanging working experiences.

    Retrieve the latest information from uP!ck and communicate with more UI/UX talents by following uP!ck Facebook page and joining their Facebook group.