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To deliver great work, it’s all about working with the right people, not necessarily always about the ‘best’ talents.


We help clients to create valuable and meaningful cross-channel user experiences for digital products.

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Build UX competencies on fundamental topics based on learnings from 150+ UX project experiences.

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Help senior UX professionals to build UX leadership and develop critical decision-making skills.

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Types of Client We Serve

We do not need a long list of clients, only those who believes in our ability to transform the user experiences for their customers, and trust us as fellow human beings that we will strive to do our best in the work we do.

Connecting Minds, Exchanging Ideas

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Design Grant We Can Administrate

Design Innovation Assistance (DSG)

Our relevant expertise would be able to support in the following Design Innovation Phases:
a) To enhance business competitiveness;
b) To create differentiated experiences, better products and brand retention; and
c) To improve efficiency with integrated front-line and backend services.

The Design Innovation Assistance (DIA) scheme aims to support Singapore enterprises in adopting design for service innovation, with the following objectives:
i.  Design Consultancy
ii. Consumer-centric Design Research
iv. Design Prototyping

Interested enterprise applicants do check out the full details at DesignSingapore Council website to understand the eligibility criteria prior contacting us.