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singtel Digital Concierge retail store

A new retail experience that changes the purchase behaviour

A new retail experience that changes the purchase behaviour
Background info

Teamed up with Public Design Group and Yeahpoint to deliver a brand new retail store experience for singtel customers. It is a revolutionary concept to combine immersive product experience with digital touch points with modern, beautiful physical store design .

Project objectives
  • Create an immersive, positive retail store experience
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction level
  • Increase purchase conversions through customer-centricity approach

Increase in customer satisfaction level and achieved at least 20% more in-store conversion in sales since the launch of new store concept since year 2009.

Key learning points:

  1. Design from customers’ perspective than trying to force fit with technology & features
  2. Streamlining vast, complex product information into something simple for customers to understand is the key for success
  3. Ideally, project decisions should always consider all factors within [Business context], [User needs] and [Technical feasibility] to achieve the most optimal impact

How things work in this project

Multi-disciplinary team setup with respective domain experts working hand-in-hand in close coordination, together with excellent project & stakeholders management by client side helps to achieve the business objectives within a very aggressive project timeline.