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    The Approach


    Build UX competencies on fundamental topics based on learnings from 170+ UX project experiences.


    We believe bite-size learning approach is more effective will result in greater understanding, application and retention than a day-long equivalent.

    Research has revealed that a distributed approach to learning can increase transfer by 17 percent, according to the Journal of Applied Psychology.

    The workshop will be delivered in a mix of formats: classroom style for knowledge transfer, hands-on activities for immersive learning, and active participation by attendees to enhance learning experience.

    Teaching Method

    3-hours session with a mix of instructor-led presentation, action-learning, group collaboration and individual reflection to help attendees to retain learnings more effectively.

    Each session includes fun, hands-on activities to build skills progressively through a framework that participants can apply in real-world projects.


    With a 12-to-1 participant-to-facilitator ratio, you’ll get the one-on-one attention you deserve.

    For this particular coaching course for SP, there will be 2-to-12 participant-to-facilitator ratio.

    The Programme

    Appreciate, Skills, Experience

    Build up your UX competencies!

    The Coaches

    Raven Chai

    Rosslyn Chay

    Nadia Ja’afar
    Supporting Team

    Maisarah Osman
    Supporting Team

    Lim Zi Kun
    Supporting Team